The Key Elements of Great Finishing

Marathon Spray Booths: Spray Paint Booths Facts and Considerations Spray..

The Key Elements of Great Finishing

Marathon Spray Booths: Spray Paint Booths Facts and Considerations

Spray paint booths are cost-effective when it comes to modern manufacturing from the smallest plastic appliance components, intricate furniture to large semi trucks and assembly lines. They provide streamlined production and ensure that workers are safe and the environment is controlled from contamination, spills, and other hazards. The different spray booth configurations include open-faced booths, non-pressurized booths, and pressurized booths.

Ideal for different small components, open-faced spray paint booths have three walls, two side walls, and a back wall, usually used for woodworking and furniture finishing applications. A non-pressurized spray paint booth is completely enclosed with different sizes of doors, used in metalwork and fiberglass manufacturing. Pressurized spray paint booths are similar to non-pressurized booths in shape and size, and the difference is through the air make up unit, preventing dust and air particles from entering the work area, thus it is used for auto and truck manufacturing. Spray booths are very effective in containing hazardous materials, minimizing risks associated with thinners, primers, biocides, basecoats, varnishes, solvent-based stains, and adhesives exposure. Spray booths reduce the possibility of explosions due to fibers, fumes, dust, powders, gases, liquids, and vapors.

When shopping for a spray paint booth, the important factors you have to consider include the air quality, finish type, usage, sizing, and the price. The air quality depends on the enclosed or open-faced spray booth. It is essential to know if you need a used or new spray booth. While used booths are cheaper, there are a many benefits buying a new booth including a permit compliance (tailored to specific type or locality or business), user manual on how to assemble all pieces, and warranty that guarantees against manufacturing defects. A professionally installed spray booth is best to ensure correct assembly. It is important to make sure that there is proper ventilation, and the booth is positioned in a way to prevent ignition caused by sparks, flames, cigarettes, and static electricity.

When it comes to engineering, manufacturing, and installation of industrial spray paint booths, your best partner is Marathon Finishing Systems. The products of Marathon Finishing Systems are used for painting, coating, preparing surfaces, and finishing applications. Because of their durability and strength, Marathon Finishing System converts shipping containers into great spray paint booths. Mobility spray paint booths are also possible to be built out of like new shipping containers. Come and check Marathon Spray Booths products and services, feel free to visit their homepage or website now. Avail of your spray paint booth today only from the best supplier in the market today.

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