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All you Need to Know About IV Therapy IV therapy..

A Quick Overlook of Therapies – Your Cheatsheet

All you Need to Know About IV Therapy

IV therapy is essential nowadays in inducing fluids effectively to critically ill patients. This IV fluid has to be sterile to reduce debilitating healing problems such as illnesses. These IV comes in a packaged form or could be combined with sterile water to make a specific solution. IV therapy in Dallas TX is done this way with tubing and IV fluid warmer bags. IV hydration is used when a person is dehydrated meaning that his or her body’s fluid has gone way down. This can be as a result of the following factors.



Blood Reduction

Electrolyte Level Imbalances

Surgery Strategies


Trauma Scenarios

To deal effectively with such scenarios, IV therapy has to be induced to the patients. There is a fluid warming process found in these IV treatments whether for home or hospital use to prevent extreme internal body temperature drops. Administering the IV solution quickly into the body without heating can lead to a drastic drop in the patient’s body temperature leading to infections such as hypothermia.

How Does a Fluid Warming System Contribute to Intravenous Administration?

Nowadays, IV kits come with a fluid warming system which heats the IV Fluid before it is administered into the vein of the patient. IV therapy in Dallas TX has come a long way since most hospitals in the past used IV kits which did not have this heating mechanism. Heat sensor technology helps in keeping the temperature of these IV therapy units constant and reduces the likelihood of overheating during use. Smaller, mobile IV models that use batteries make it possible to use the warming device in various environments and also throughout the treatment. However, there are disposable IV kits which are most preferred by the various hospitals in Dallas TX because they are only used once and done away with reducing the prevalence of bacterial infections in the hospital.

IV therapy in Dallas TX is used for supplying substances directly into the veins using IV fluid warmer bags, a drip chamber, tubing, along with an access device. The necessity of a drip chamber in this kit cannot be underrated because it is responsible for controlling the flow rate and preventing air from making its way into the bloodstream. The infused substances include the following.

Volume Expanders


Saline Solutions

Blood-Based Products

Blood Substitutes

Buffer Solutions

These substances can be set up to enter the bloodstream with access devices such as a peripheral cannula, needles, or central IV lines. For a medical practitioner to provide the best IV treatment, he will need to have a pre-filled IV fluid warmer bag or bottle alongside a mechanism that can release the IV fluid at a particular set flow rate. For stopping the discharge of IV fluid, the IV kit should have a long sterile tube and clamp in its set up. IV therapy in Dallas TX is applied as a first response or emergency care procedure for incoming patients that have lost some significant amounts of fluids.

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